About the coalition to stop torture

In May of 1992, VCST was formed as a coalition of agencies and individuals responding to the needs of survivors of torture and their families. The VCST board includes community workers, doctors, nurses, psychologists and lawyers.

Our Vision

Survivors of torture and political violence overcome the legacy of violent oppression

Our Mandate

  • Increase public awareness about survivors of torture and political violence 
  • Cooperate, partner, and provide capacity building training for and with the immigrant and refugee settlement agencies, social service agencies, health community, and the broader community to promote the well-being of survivors of torture and political violence in our community.

Training and Education

The VCST coordinates annual training events and workshops for professionals working with survivors of torture and war-affected families in schools, social service agencies and the community.  Training topics are depended on the needs of our community.  If you work with survivors of torture, political violence and trauma, and have specific training needs for your group, contact us and we’ll do our best to fill the gap.

Referral Network and Counselling Services

Through training and workshops, VCST has established a support network for survivors, families, friends, volunteers, professionals and agencies working with survivors. Network members organize events, provide counselling, educational and health services to survivors. Since 1996, the VCST has been offering support groups to refugee students in Victoria schools.

Working Nationally and Internationally

The VCST has headed a campaign for an international accord regulating health professionals role in the treatment of prisoners and in ensuring the protection of health care workers who speak out against mistreatment.

VCST regularly consults with other Canadian and foreign centres working with survivors to share resources, experiences and support.