Members of the VCST board and medical comunity in Victoria meet to work on an workshop

Workshop Development Underway

We started developing this workshop a month ago. We met up with the VCST board and medical professionals and began hashing out what will become a workshop for an upcoming bioethics conference. The working title for our workshop is, “Let’s Talk About Torture: Exploring the Roles of Health Professionals and Ethicists in the Prevention of Torture.”

We just applied for the conference, and don’t know if we will be presenting or not, yet, but conference or not, we this workshop will ready to be delivered to healthcare providers, and ethics nerds (aka, philosophy buffs) and also basically any community member that cares about the facts and impacts of torture on our community.

What we love about workshops is the quality of the learning environment. Professionals soak up material in a way that’s very different from reading journal articles. That’s partly why we make it part of our mission to be at conferences and engage with real humans.

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